Monday, May 26, 2008

Taking "Clubs" a Little Far?

Across America's top universities, career-minded undergraduates, feeling pinched by increasing competition for a limited number of jobs and internships, are forming new clubs to give themselves a head-start in their chosen professions.

Sounds innocent, right? Just take a look at this article.

These students are obviously smart, and obviously committed. The question committed?

Some interesting tidbits from Businessweek on the matter:
-40% of the members are freshmen
-At least one member describes themselves as "followers of Warren Buffett"
-It can be difficult to juggle classwork and a club that amounts to a full-time job

Understanding a company takes a lot more than just understanding financial metrics. Unfortunately, I can't comment on how this group operates and whether its students are getting a full, diverse education. What I can say is that concentrating on nothing but financing is a sure-fire way to kill a company.

Now, if these students never aspire to become Chief Executive Officers, they are obviously doing alright. If they do have higher dreams, though...they may just be following the wrong path.

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