Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So, went to California

Some interesting stuff I learned:

The bugs in Yosemite are insane. They're like super-bugs. On the first night, my brother and I were swatting at mosquitoes. Now, usually, we're pretty damn good at getting bugs. We can pick flies out of mid-air, and do the same for bees without injuring ourselves.
These buggers were insane, though. They hovered, and then executed hair pin turns and jawbreaking acceleration whenever we snapped our fingers at them. It was like watching an excellent ballet: two college males twisting and turning, darting at random spots in the air, always unable to get our objective.
Damn mosquitoes.

In addition, virtually everything in Disneyworld is better than whatever is in Disneyland. The food, the rides, the lines, the atmosphere...goes right down to the trash on the street (which is NOT there in Disneyworld). Disneyland just doesn't that have magical feeling: it seems like just another theme park.

Also, buses in Santa Monica are 50 cents. The CTA buses here are $2...that's not cool. The walk in Santa Monica is shorter and along a beach :(

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