Friday, May 2, 2008

Relay for Life (okay, a bit late)

Last week, a couple of the Brothers and I headed up to the DePaul campus to run in the Relay for Life event at their student center. 

It was time to do some philanthropy work, after all. And there is no better cause than fighting cancer.

Besides the uneventful bus ride, the night was pretty okay on the whole. We checked in at the registration center a bit after 6 PM. After that, we headed up to the gym area. A large net-type divider was set up, splitting the gym into two parts: one was for the basketball pick-up games, and the other part was dedicated as a "base camp" for the Relay for Life Teams.

SideBar:For those that are unfamiliar, you sign up to participate as a team. You are supposed to have one person on your team walking on whatever path they have set up for 12 hours. Since you're stuck there for, well, a long time, people usually bring food and blankets and set up camp off the track. 

Anyways, my buddy Ice Baby and I take a look at the basketball games going on. Those guys were pretty damn big and muscular. No damn way was I playing against them. I'm just a poor lil' white guy with no stamina and a beer gut. So we walked on to the Relay for Life area.

That area was FULL of students (almost all from Greek organizations). Each organization had set up its own little fundraising booth. Some of them were really creative.

Anyways, we know for a fact Alpha Kappa Psi has a camp set up somewhere already, and head straight to the AK Psi Banner hanging from the second story. Oops, looks like they set up in the middle, we realize. No biggie.

I left around 9 PM, but some of the highlights:
-Free Mexican food!
-There were no survivors for the survivor walk :(
-The DePaul's Mens Acappella Group stopped by to give us a treat. They were pretty gorgeous, I must say
-AK Psi Brothers got their nails painted. 

All in all, it was pretty fun. I highly recommend participating in your local Relay For Life events. They are almost like parties, but they are alcohol-free ( sadface) and raise money to help cure cancer (which is mega-awesome).


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