Friday, May 9, 2008

The Final Day of Finals Week

Woke up at 7:20. Felt like total garbage.

Hopped on my train and rode over to Union Station. I tried to study along the way...didn't work out too well. I was a bit distracted by some odd dreams I had.

Anyways, I walked over to campus from Union Station. I figured it is going to be an easy walk...sun made it a bit warmer than I expected. At least the feces on the sidewalk were mostly gone (about time, they were there all damn week).

Picked up a copy of the Red Eye as I passed the CTA station. Headed over to the Atrium to sit with Peter and Harris as they were studying for their final.

Me? I did sudoku. They thought I was crazy. But it was economics...and I'm a damn econ major! Come on guys, lets do the math.

The final started a bit after 10:30. 9 short-response questions, of which we are to pick 7. Then two mathematical problems.

I think I rocked it pretty well.

And then...I was done with finals. And I went and got my Mother a gift for Mother's Day!

And all was well...

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