Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Religion and Insurgencies

The points I consider most important:

“Viewed in this way, it is not critical to accept that insurgencies are ‘religious insurgencies’ or not, but that all insurgencies are an expression of political struggle for power”
“Religion as political structure of the human culture is well accepted in the vast majority of schools spanning all sides of the human condition”
“The context of the extremist Islamist insurgent is the important matter here. Islam in a moderate context does not condone suicide bombing, killing of innocent victims and destruction of other societies.”
“Accepting this, Islam is marked as a faith based belief structure that includes rules and concepts for political organization, rule making and civil governance. As such, Islam can be viewed as a political structure with ready made sets of solutions for political organization that extremists exploit by appealing to the religious structures that resonate with members of the broader faith, while seeking to obtain the broader objectives of power over people and their resources. The insurgents use Islam not so much as a religious structure but as a political structure in their quest for power.”

I'm not entirely sure how relevant this could be. It's certainly a lot better than completely ignoring the forces of religion in instances like Iraq, though the above points do not, on their own, really describe what exactly is going on.

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