Sunday, May 27, 2007

Democrats and Fox News
Yep, that does require a log-in, but you should be subscribed to the New York Times anyways. It's free and, if I read it despite a sometimes liberal bias, you should, too.

Anyways, this article talks about the little fiasco in the Democrat camp about the Democrat debate on Fox news, sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus. Senators Edwards, Clinton, and Obama have decided not to appear in the debate, probably to appease their liberal base.

I must say that, while I understand their motives, I'm rather disappointed; Fox News, regardless of its right-ward tilt, is still a highly rated news agency, and a media outlet where liberal thought can reach a large number of people. The step that Edwards, Clinton, and Obama took (or Bush when he refused to speak to the NAACP) reflects a Balkanization of the media that could have negative effects in the future.

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