Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lebanon and Fatah Al-Islam
As everyone is quite plainly aware of by now, Lebanon is, once again, on the receiving end of some pretty nasty violence. This time, it’s a small terrorist group known as Fatah Al-Islam, based inside a Palestinan refugee camp.
The problem is that these guys seem to be armed pretty gosh-darn well. They have night-vision goggles, strong weapons, good tactics, and maybe even anti-aircraft guns.
Is Al Qaeda behind this group? Well, it’s possible:

At the very least, they seem ideologically linked to Al Qaeda. My guess: A small, well-trained group of soldiers, conducting a bank robbery in Lebanon, operating in Iraq, controlling a refugee camp in Lebanon, with convicted terrorists from Europe. Sounds like they’re really only using Lebanon as a safe base to mount operations in Iraq, as opposed to trying to destabilize Lebanon.


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Anonymous said...

If you believe that then you know nothing about Lebanon, Palestine and Fatah Al-Islam.

Lew said...

It's often interesting how those people who comment that some are wrong in their opinions, and their interpretation of events, hide behind an "anonymous" tag, and make short cryptic answers saying nothing other than, in effect, "you're wrong".

Either offer up fact to disprove what the gentleman has said, or keep your "beliefs" to yourself. I've tired of hearing how people "believe". I'm interested in actual facts, not quotes from various scriptures.