Thursday, April 24, 2008

Webcasting Court Cases?

From Freakonomics:

"In 2006, a Rhode Island jury found three major paint makers liable for the toxic effects of lead paint on children...Now the paint manufacturers are appealing...due to the extraordinary level of interest in the case, oral arguments will be Webcast live."

Can I just say that this is beyond awesome? Probably the best thing since I was able to catch Book TV on the web after my cable company stopped providing C-SPAN2.

Then again, I may be a bit over-enthusiastic. I liked reading legal briefs in my law and management class. I've never watched an ACTUAL proceeding. I'd probably be nodding off after the first 20 minutes while the lawyers moan about subject matter jurisdiction or some crap like that.

1 comment:

XW said...

I have to say, legal proceedings are just not interesting at all.

Now if it were more like Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney, well...that would be different.