Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Are there too many Women Doctors?

BusinessWeek asks the question:

The facts:
1/3 of doctors are presently women
1/2 of med school students are women
Women doctors work 47 hours, compared to 53 for men
Women see 10% fewer patients
Women take off more time early in their careers
Women DO take lower-paying specialties, like Primary Care

Sounds to me like an issue of supply restriction: wouldn't the better response be to increase supply by, say, making it easier to get into/afford Medical School?

Restricting the number of doctors in this nation is not healthy for anyone other than doctors. It restricts output and raises costs, just like every other monopoly action. 

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Anonymous said...

Or we could just ignore gender and let those that are competent in, and those that aren't stay out.