Sunday, July 13, 2008

Should we all be learning second languages?

Senator Obama seems to think so, apparently

My question to those who say we should be learning foreign languages, since everyone else is taking the trouble to learn ours...

Okay, which ones?

German? We still trade plenty with Germany, and even import weapons
Spanish? Got a lot of immigrants coming in from all over Latin America
Japan? That's where we get our high tech stuff right?
Vietnamese and Korean? I mean...we get video games from there...right?

English has been chosen as a global language. Really, us learning foreign languages simply isn't as essential as foreigners learning English. Even if we wanted to be global wine/book/whatever connoisseurs, we couldn't possibly succeed: There are too many languages to learn!

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Anonymous said...

Silly Robby, it doesn't matter what language you choose to learn, you can only benefit from it. It all depends on the situation. (IE what's more useful to yourself, do you want to go to a foreign country, etc.)