Friday, February 27, 2009

Obama's Savings

Health Care Savings -$316
Limit Tax Deductions for High Earners -$318
Carbon Permit Auctions -$646
Close Tax Loopholes -$354
End War in Iraq -$1,490
Allow Upper-Income Tax Cuts to Expire -$637
Deficit-Reducing Policies -$3,761


I commend President Obama for his plan to cut the deficit, but the War in Iraq savings are partially inflated. As has been mentioned many times over the past couple days:
Assuming that war spending will continue at FY2008 levels (adjusted for
inflation) – an amount even beyond what President Bush’s policy would have
required – strikes us as a gimmick to build up the spending amount in order to
reduce it and claim “savings”. We believe the Administration should have
included war costs at the levels they are proposing.

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