Friday, January 30, 2009

House Parties for Stimulus!

If you like the stimulus, invite some friends and get drunk!

The strategists on Friday called on supporters to host ``economic recovery house meetings" next weekend, marking the first call to action for the network in support of the White House policy agenda.

The email was sent today by Mitch Stewart, director of the network that was recently renamed Organizing for America, a takeoff of Obama's presidential campaign, which was called Obama for America.

Wish I had thought of this, though "partying for the stimulus!" seems like a very stupid idea: we're supposed to blow cash on extravagance when we might lose our jobs tomorrow...and need to spend almost a trillion dollars to revitalize the economy? Okay, maybe we need to spend more, but perhaps on something other than a party?

Plus, I don't think "stimulus parties" are going to be very popular...

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