Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pledging Process...

We're now two weeks into the pledge process here at the Eta Rho chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi. We're on a bit of an accelerated pace...6 weeks instead of the normal 7, since the designated first week meeting became a party for the pledges to get to know the Brothers.

What do our pledges have to do? Well, I'm glad you asked...

They are required to attend two professional, two social, and two philanthropy events. Gotta give back to the community, gotta get to know the Brothers, and gotta learn how to be a good business person. They are responsible for putting on their events...each pledge has been put onto a committee so that the workload can be divvied up.

They also are required to fill out signature books. Hopefully I can get a picture of one...basically, they are little pamphlets that the Pledges have to decorate, and then acquire two signatures from all 40 Brothers in the fraternity. The process is designed to get the pledges in contact with the Brothers, so everyone gets to know each other.

Pledges are also responsible for raising $2000 in total, and to get gifts for their Big Brothers.

It's a stressful 6 week practice...but it's worth it.

And we don't haze ;)

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